Turkey Burgers
Wheat and Gluten Free!

I love burgers, all of them including turkey burgers and a good veggie burger recipe!!!

Before discovering that my nephew was allergic to garlic and soy I would use;

seasoning salt, garlic salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce, those were always my go to burger ingredients.

Since embarking on this allergy friendly diet I feel that I have become more creative with my ingredients.

I have been experimenting with different combinations of seasonings when making burgers and so far the below recipe is one of my favorites!

Turkey Burgers

Prior to eating allergy friendly one of my favorite foods to eat was a bacon cheese burger.

Turkey burgers are a decent alternative and I have become accustomed to them and don't miss a regular beef burger as much as I use to.

Looking for a gluten free bread for your burger bun?

There are very few store bought brands available, some are a little tough if not eaten immediately.

Homemade allergy free burger buns are a bit messier than a regular wheat bun.

This can be eaten just like a regular burger however sometimes I just toss a broken up bun and burger into a bowl along with condiments and enjoy my burger bowl!

Turkey Burger Recipes


  • Turkey Meat 1/2 to 1 lb (or enough to make desired amount of burgers)
  • 1 to 2 tbls. Olive Oil
  • 1/8 tsp of the following:
  • Celery Salt, Cumin,
  • Paprika, Thyme, Turmeric,
  • Pepper, Nutmeg

Start by mixing the turkey meat and seasonings together, divide meat up into burger patties (I made four).

Lightly grease fry pan with 1 tbls of olive oil (Add more if you experience sticking or it dries up).

Cook on medium high heat for approx 10 to 15 mins on each side, I like to get the burger a little crispy.

Serve with your desired bun and condiments.

Note: I sauteed a combination of sweet peppers (yellow, orange, red), onion and mushrooms in olive oil for my topping along with some green leaf lettuce.

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