Soup Recipes
Free of the 8 Most Common Food Allergies

I love thinking of new soup recipes, especially, on a cold winter day. There are so many variations to make and it's easy to make it with any meat of your choice or as a vegetarian dish!

One of my favorite things about making soup is that it can turn into leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day. Which is great when you have food allergies, if you are on a gluten or wheat free diet or if you are just trying to eat less processed foods. Its nice to have a quick, nutritious and delicious meal to grab.

It can be exhausting cooking everything from scratch, so I try to make enough soup to last for lunch and/or dinner the following day.

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Depending on my creativity level creating soup can be a lot of prep work or something simple that you can just quickly toss together.

It is always well worth the time and work, especially when you can make enough to last for a few meals, which I always try to do. I like to make on a Sunday evening (or evening you have off) to give you a head start to the busy week. 

I haven’t tried to freeze any of my homemade soups yet, however I know that some people like to do that to have a quick and easy meals on hand.

The great thing about soup is it is relatively easy to create even while avoiding the most common food allergies.

I also love to add beans, rice, quinoa, gnocchi and as always lots and lots of vegetables. Giving the soup lots of protein and fiber!

Vegetables always serve as a great filler as well as added texture and crunch in soup!

Store Bought Soup and Labels

Canned soup is rarely on my grocery list as I prefer it homemade, and haven’t bought any since I found out my nephew had food allergies.

I haven’t come across an allergy safe brand yet but there might be some out there, just remember to carefully read the food allergy labelas with any product you buy.

I have yet to make chicken stock completely from scratch and I use it in most of my soups.

I generally like to use kitchen basics brand of unsalted chicken stock.

I like this brand as their stock consist of very few ingredients. When you have food allergies, it is nice to see fewer ingredients.

If you view Kitchen Basic's website you will see that they have a tab about Allergen watch.

You may wish to read this before buying this product to determine if it is safe for you to consume.

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