Living With Eczema

At 14 months of age, and the constant struggle of living with eczema, we decided to go another route and see a naturopathic doctor who had a good success rate at helping babies with eczema.

We had a second food allergy test performed which came back with a larger list of foods that we needed to avoid, which extremely limited our diet.

The naturopathic doctor also advised introducing supplements into my nephew’s diet to help strengthen his immune and digestive system.

Adding one of the supplements at a time, week by week, to make sure his system could tolerate it and to see if anything worked immediately.

  • The first week we introduced probiotics, fish oil and L- Glutamine (amino acid)
  • The second week we introduced Quercetin (bioflavinoid)
  • The third week we added Marshmallow Root (demulcurt herbs)

His primary source of nutrition was still from breastfeeding and he was only interested in a couple baby foods.

living with eczema

At the time his favorite food was sweet potatoes however he has moved onto packets of bananas and rice.

We tried mixing the supplements into his juice which worked well at first, however quite often we were only able to get a third or half of the total supplements into him.

Eventually he started eating his bananas and rice more regularly and we were able to get everything into him except the marshmallow root which did not mix as well.

After research online and talking with his naturopath we confirmed that it was okay to make the marshmallow root into a tea which we then mixed into his food.

After 3 weeks of consistently getting all of the supplements into my nephew (which took closer to 3 months) we hadn’t made much progress, he was still itchy.

We were missing something as the eczema was still present, he was losing weight and wasn’t sleeping more than 5 hours (broken up) a night.

We Were Living With Eczema

  • No longer eating any of the foods he was allergic too,
  • Following his eczema treatment plan,
  • Taking supplements daily
  • Running air purifiers and
  • Cleaning daily (dusting, vacuuming, natural homemade products for cleaning, no laundry soap) eliminating as many allergens as possible.

It was late summer and we were living with eczema in a house without AC and we had to keep my nephew covered from head to toe (long socks, pants, long sleeve shirt and a onesie) to help and try to prevent him from scratching with his hands, on the floor or whatever he could get to.

After review with the naturopathic doctor and trying countless other options that didn’t work we decided to try the steroid cream again (the first time we used it, it didn’t work).

Just in the nick of time too. The eczema FINALLY cleared up!

We were simply amazed and almost in disbelief!! We think it must have been the combination of the supplements, diet and the steroid cream.

While he still isn’t 100% better we have made significant progress in the right direction as he isn’t covered from head to toe with eczema.

It is still a daily battle to make sure to get him to take all of the supplements, which we still hide in the packets of bananas, and try to keep him from scratching any small flare ups which still happen from time to time.

We still follow our food allergy diet and try to be cautious of our laundry soap, lotions, shampoo and conditioner and any other products we bring into the house, trying to avoid as many irritants and allergens as possible.

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