Eczema an Itchy Rash

itchy rash eczema

Looking back at my nephew’s first two years of life with his itchy rash is tough. It is hard to see pictures of him from 6 months to 18 months of age when the eczema was really full blown.

When his eczema got really horrible it covered him from head to toe. The end of August 2011 had to be just about the worst of the eczema.

Seeing the photos of him with his entire body covered with this itchy rash and the look on his face, you can see how uncomfortable he was.

At this time he was so sick you could see it in his nails, hair, everything. His skin was rough like sand paper and loose as though he was an old man.

My sister felt completely hopeless. Trying everything she could to keep the eczema under control.

Including a food allergy elimination diet, removing the foods that my nephew was allergic to from both of their diets.

This included quiet a few of the most common food allergies and more.

It seemed as though every time it cleared up a little, it came back even worse.

The pediatrician he was seeing at the time offered very little advice.

He suggested using a steroid cream (which would have to be applied to his entire body) and to try to prevent him from scratching as much as possible.

The initial use of the steroid cream brought very little relief and it wasn’t clearing up the eczema.

We had jars and jars of Vaseline that we would use to try to prevent his skin from blistering.

Vaseline was one of the very few products that didn’t completely aggravate his eczema and make it worse; another cream we used was Eucerin and Cetaphil.

It was difficult going into stores or out in public as you never know what you might come in contact with (smells, different temperatures, foods, etc) that would throw him into a sudden itching attack.

Any time we would go out in public people would always ask what was wrong with him.

Many times, people we didn’t even know offered advice on what worked for them with their child or grandchild who had eczema.

We heard about countless baby Eczema lotions including, Aveeno Baby Eczema Lotion, Lavender, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, it will pass once the season changes, the list just goes on and on.

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So many people were able to find quick fixes and wanted to pass their knowledge along to help.

The hard thing about the advice was that we had tried many of the suggestions which either didn’t work or made things worse. We just wanted this itchy rash to go away and give my nephew some relief.

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