Healthy Chicken Recipes That Avoid The most Common Food Allergies!

chicken tenders recipe easy and gluten free

Are you looking for new and healthy chicken recipes? Is your family sick of having chicken for dinner tonight, again? Maybe you just need new ways to serve chicken while staying allergy safe, or perhaps your looking for new healthy recipes to add variety to your dinner table?

When you have multiple food allergies it becomes quite challenging to find quick and easy meals, since being allergy safe means making just about everything from scratch, as whenever you buy packaged items you possibly run the risk of cross contamination.

Chicken is quite often a dinner time staple in my household as there are various ways to turn it into a quick and easy dinner.

With such a limited selection of food to eat on a food allergy diet, it is important to find inventive ways to make a new healthy chicken recipe to prevent boredom and focus on all of the new foods that you might not have been eating before.

Luckily there are so many ways to cook chicken which makes it a great go to dinner and helps to prevent boredom in the kitchen!

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Healthy Organic Recipes and Organic Living

I try to buy organic chicken whenever possible. I am much more conscious about the food I put into my body since learning that my nephew has food allergies.

I still enjoy some foods that are a little less healthy such as fried chicken recipes; however I try to make small changes where ever I can.

Baked Chicken Recipes

It is nice to know with ‘Certified Organic’ that the Chicken was fed on land that hasn’t been treated with chemicals for at least 3 years and with organic feed that is also free of chemical additives.

This is definitely a personal and unfortunately financial choice since Organic Chicken is generally more expensive than regular.

I personally feel that for someone with food allergies and sensitive eczema prone skin it is good to reduce the amount of pesticides, hormones and unwanted chemicals from our diet, and hopefully reduce a little from the environment as well.

If you do decide to buy organic remember to look for the Certified Organic seal as the statements Free Range and Natural do not mean the same as Certified Organic.

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