Epipen and Food Allergy Symptoms

Recently my Dad came to visit and we started talking about Food Allergy Symptoms, reactions and when to use the Epipen.

This conversation left me feeling a little embarrassed and upset with myself that I really didn't have a good answer to this question.

I have just assumed if you see any swelling it would be time to use it, but is that right or are there other warning signs that you should look for?

Have you and your family practiced and emergency drill for using the epipen? Do you have a practice kit?

I recently downloaded a food allergy action plan from the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network.(opens new window)

This action plan allows you to write down the person’s name, DOB, Allergy to list, weight, asthma, and note if the person is extremely reactive to any foods.

This document lays out a plan for using the epinephrine pen or an antihistamine.

This is a good piece of paper to fill out and keep in your home or any homes, schools, daycares or other places that your child stays often.

It is better to plan ahead and help prevent a little panic especially if a severe allergy reaction ever occurs.

Visit epipens website(opens new window) for details on food allergy symptoms, when to use the pen and information about a practice kit.

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Additionally they have a handy print out (click the above link to view the resources) with pictures for reference.

Currently the best form of prevention for food allergies is to avoid the foods you are allergic to.

As anyone with food allergies knows this can be a daunting and scary task.

It is one thing to control your environment at home but it is much more difficult when visiting friends, family, birthday parties, restaurants, etc.

Remember to check that your epipen isn't expired and read the warning label. Please consult with your physician for details on how and when to use the epipen and if it is right for you.

Also consult with your physician on how to make an action plan for dealing with an allergic reaction; the above information is for reference only and not meant to replace the advice of a doctor.

In addition to the Epipen there is also the Auvi-Q which will talk you through how to use it during an emergency, which is great when your in a panic or leaving your child in the care of someone else.  Talk to your doctor about which option might be best for you and your family!

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