Eczema Treatment

An eczema treatment plan is one that works for you. There are a lot of resources out there or claims that certain lotions or herbal remedies will cure Eczema.

It is important to do your research and find a good doctor that you can work with on a treatment plan.

If you have food allergies or other known allergens remember to check food allergy labels before buying.

For my Nephew’s Eczema treatment we Had The Following Daily Routine.

Moisturize throughout the day. A main go to for us was Vaseline however we also used Eucerin and Cetaphil (creams not lotion).

We found that it was best to pat on quickly in a gentle motion and prevent over rubbing as that would irritate his skin further.

Kept fully clothed with light cotton material; loose fitting when possible. Since he didn’t have much control over not itching we kept him clothed with long sleeves and onesies to prevent itching a little.

Cut fingernails short and smooth with a file. This helped prevent additional damage to his skin.

Quick baths (approx. 5 mins or less) in lukewarm water, without soap.

He hated baths when his skin was really flared up however it was one of the few things that helped cool down the flare ups and gave him a little relief.

On days when his skin was really bad we sometimes gave him two quick baths as it was about the only thing that helped cool his skin and stop the itching a little.

Following the bath we would immediately moisturize his skin, usually with Vaseline. They say it is best to do this within 3 minutes of a bath

We tried various types of creams, lotions, special bath soaps for the eczema and quite often it didn't work, made things worse or would only work for a little while then it would eventually irritate his skin.

Aloe Vera helped for a little while. We had a plant in our house and we would cut off a piece of the leaf and the prickly edges then gently rub on the gel from the inside of the leaf onto his skin.

Occasionally we also placed the aloe leafs in a bag in the fridge to add a little more of a cooling affect which helped sometimes.

We would also keep little ice packs (we had a couple shaped like Elmo) in the freezer. These came in handy during summer flare ups; we would lightly touch the ice pack on various areas of his skin, not staying in one place for too long.

For more information on bathing and moisturizing, click here to open a new window and visit the National Eczema Association for more helpful resources.

What works on one person’s eczema won’t necessarily work on another person’s eczema.

The above information is from our experience; we went through a lot of trial an error to find an eczema treatment plan that worked for us.

Please consult your doctor first to find a treatment plan that works for you. Remember to check products for ingredients that you are allergic or sensitive too.

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