Easy Bread Recipes
That Avoid Wheat and Gluten

Zucchini Bread Recipe

When you have multiple food allergies, trying to find a safe and delicious bread recipes can be quite difficult. 

Wheat and gluten free bread isn't quite the same, however, through experimentation I have and continue to discover ways to make the gluten free bread a little more light and fluffy rather than dense and grainy.

There are a lot of gluten free breads available including bread made from tapioca, quinoa, sorghum, and amaranth flours.

Food for life (opens new window) even makes English muffins as well as gluten-wheat free breads that you may be able to eat depending on other allergies.

There are a few brands, such as, Ener G (opens new window) that make Tapioca bread loaves, rolls, and buns as well as a few other types of bread products.

The English muffins are a close comparison to the traditional English muffin but, they have a denser consistency. This bread becomes a bit tough when heated if you don’t eat it right away, so it is best to serve and eat immediately.

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Lemon Zucchini Bread Recipe

As more food allergies have shown up for my nephew, the number of available store bought products have diminished to only a couple items.

I make just about everything from scratch now, especially since the elimination of garlic, soy, and sunflower. Those ingredients are in so many products that you would never even think about, which is why you have to read every single label.

Pizza Recipes: Pizza Crust

Due to all of the baking and the experimental recipes I have started to buy flours in bulk to save a little money.

My local grocery store offers the flours I use the most, Brown and White Rice Flour along with Tapioca Flour.

Luckily I have found many of these flours in bulk online, this really helps with the budget as buying pre-packaged from the grocery store does cost more.  

Many grocery stores sell flour in bulk bins for a much lower price than the pre-packaged versions, however, for those with food allergies this is not a safe option. The risk of cross contamination is too great.

Other shoppers could easily contaminate a bin by using the same scoop for multiple bins.

For more information about gluten-free diets and a Healthy Living Lifestyle, please visit our friends over at Simple Approach to Healthy Living.

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