Have you heard of the Auvi-Q? It is a great new choice in administering epinephrine for severe allergic reactions. Are you at risk for anaphylaxis? If so, what’s your emergency plan?

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Auvi-Q and Auvi-Q Trainer

This is a great new tool for those who may be hesitant to use an epinephrine auto injector or perhaps in cases where you are leaving your child with another family member or at school.

The great thing is that it talks to you, similar to the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) machine that is also used to save lives.

During a life threatening emergency, such as, a severe allergic reaction you may become frozen or panicked. This device talks you through the process step by step. This great new pocket friendly injector counts down while administering life saving epinephrine followed by a reminder to call 911. 

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Additionally the small design makes it perfect to take anywhere as it is pocket size so you will always be prepared.  The injector comes in two different doses, one for adults and one for kids, the needle also injects and retracts automatically eliminating more guess work for you.

Just like the Epi-pen this also comes with a trainer so that you and anyone in contact with you or your child can practice.

It is important for you, your child, and caregivers  to practice often. The trainer doesn't contain any medicine or a needle making it a great learning tool.

Auvi-Q Size Smaller Thank a Deck of Cards

Discuss Auvi-Q with your Doctor!

As always it’s important to talk with your doctor so that you can determine if this option is right for you. They can help you devise and action plan in the event of an emergency. 

It’s good to stay in practice using the trainer that way you can feel comfortable with it in the event of an emergency. Write down a plan share it with people who are close to you and leave it in a place that is easy to see.

Want additional information? Click to visit the websites for Auvi-Q and Epi-Pen. You can watch videos, read additional information, and find money saving coupons.

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