When You Have Multiple Food Allergies What's Left to Eat?

Being diagnosed with food allergies can change almost every part of your and your family’s lives, depending on the number of allergies and the severity of the reaction.

Social gatherings, holidays, and traveling can become sources of anxiety rather than times joy.

Going to the store to go grocery shopping and trying to plan meals becomes more time consuming and stressful.

It's always important to read labels and check for allergens and possible cross contamination to prevent life threatening reactions. 

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Eating Becomes a Challenge When you Have Multiple Food Allergies!

Learning how to make everything from scratch can be a daunting and time consuming task, but it doesn't have to be!

It feels as if there are no quick and easy meals and you must read every label, every time to ensure the ingredients are safe. 

You need to know about the many different names for ingredients which may have hidden allergens.

Did you know that the ingredient “Lactablumin” may indicate there is milk in the product? This is a stress every person and family with allergies lives with on a daily basis.

Learn How to Make New Healthy Recipes and Start Eating Less Processed Foods!

That’s why we created this site to find ways to re-create allergy free versions of those dishes from your recipe box that you used to love and enjoy!!

Perhaps we will even find that old restaurant favorite that you can no longer have do to allergies!

Living with multiple food allergies no longer means living without so many of your old time favorites.

You will learn how to control the ingredient’s you are putting into your meals and your body while keeping allergens out!

Our goal is to bring more awareness to food allergens and eczema as well as create a place where people can easily find and share allergy friendly recipes.

Learn how to turn food allergies into a blessing by creating delicious healthy recipes that the whole family will love, including some great chicken recipes, dessert recipes and so much more!

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What can you expect from this site?

We will show you how to create delicious; wheat, dairy, egg, soy, and nut free recipes! The easy recipes on this site avoid the 8 most common food allergens and our recipes are gluten free.


  • DAIRY 
  • EGGS
  • SOY 
  • FISH

Please Join us on This Journey, Cooking Allergy Free!

Contact us here or visit our online community by joining us on Facebook; for support, to ask questions, make suggestions, and share experiences or recipes! 

SBI! Proof

I started this site in February 2012 almost a year after discovering my nephew had Food Allergies. 

We appreciate you for visiting our site! Also a big thank you to "SBI!" which made it possible!

Please share your comments and questions below, we would love to hear your story. You can also click the link to contact us here.

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